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Most Organizations Still Struggling to Deliver Personalized Content, Says Forbes Insights/PwC Report
According to a new report by Forbes Insights, in association with PwC, the majority of organizations either lack a content strategy or are making do with one that’s incomplete. While these organizations may produce content, but it’s rarely personalized, nor is it well integrated with broader objectives like developing the brand or increasing customer loyalty.

The New York Times Celebrates 20 Years on the Worldwide Web, as Newspaper Business Prepares for More Challenges Ahead
The New York Times today is celebrating its 20 years on publishing on the web. This is a huge milestone -- no other newspaper has been as pioneering as long as the NYT when it comes to web publishing. The Times was also one of the first papers to publish via America Online, launching @times on the service in June of 1994.

5 Big Questions for Publishers in 2016
Recently, the crew at started to wonder whether Facebook's Instant Articles would be a good fit for them to try. Sure, scads of newspapers had jumped aboard -- but does it make sense for HBR when their strategy is about building a deeper relationship with readers? Of course, pondering this question just led to bigger questions...

Publishers Are Leveraging Chat Apps to Reach Mobile Audiences
As messaging apps amass huge audiences and attempt to become the next big digital platform for content consumption, an increasing number of news and media publishers are turning to these apps to engage with new audiences.

Publishers Find Digitizing Archives Remains the Biggest Obstacle to Monetizing Them
Why is it that most publishers don’t look to monetize their back issues, features stories, and other materials? Look at how The New York Times treats its archives: it features archival material online often, but only as more content for their website or print paper. This gets us a good clue as to what is going on.

Enterprise Mobility: The Future of Business IT
Enterprise mobility is causing a revolution in how we define the workplace and our orientation with it, but a paradigm shift is needed in network security and human resources to truly fit this modern technology with modern business culture.

The Power of Audiences: Why Innovative Publishers Are More Valuable Than Ever
This past year was a major year for deals and financial activity in the digital publishing industry. From huge funding rounds to M&A, it’s clear that there’s a lot of investor interest. Yet, at the same time, many publishers have spent the year dealing with obstacles to monetization such as declining referral traffic and ad revenues, not to mention ad blocking and fraud.

Facebook's Audience Network Rolled out to Mobile Web Publishers in Further Advancement on Google's DFP
A week after it confirmed it is rolling back its LiveRail operations to concentrate on its Facebook Audience Network (FAN), it has been revealed the social network is also rolling out the publisher monetisation business to include mobile web inventory.

Who Knows How Many People Are Using Apple's News App? No One, Not Even Apple
Apple's plan to use its News app to deliver a bigger mobile audience to publishers appears to have got off to a shaky start. Apple has revealed a glitch in its News app that has left it with no idea of how many people are using it to read content distributed on behalf of major publishing partners.

There’s Been a Mindset Change': Legacy Publishers Are Catching Up
Legacy publishers are learning from their digital-first counterparts, which is helping them grow their traffic. This acceleration is a product of traditional publishers getting smarter about what it takes to grow their audiences not only on their their own sites but also on platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter.