Newspaper Tablet Publishing

With their incredibly tight deadlines, newspapers work around the clock to deliver news. Their tablet content must be engaging, easy to navigate and deliver impactful images.

Readers expect up-to-date news and there is no room for error. Some of the world’s biggest news organizations use App Studio to create digital editions that deliver news fast!

Metro Tablet Edition Demonstration

Super Efficient Workflow
Your team won’t miss a beat — or a deadline — because App Studio utilizes the tools, skillsets, and content management systems as well as the InDesign and QuarkXPress files you already use. You can create great interactive content that combines individually designed pages with runtime and real-time dynamic news content. We have global support options to ensure there is always an expert on hand to assist you. App Studio is a proven, reliable solution: Metro, for example, publishes daily to a variety of tablets and smartphones using App Studio.

Who Wants to Wait for Breaking News?
Not your readers. By leveraging HTML5 for app content, App Studio creates smaller file sizes than other digital solutions, so the newspaper editions take up less space on the device and download times are reduced.

Compelling Journalism
App Studio offers a truly immersive experience with its groundbreaking features such as scroll zones, audio, video, tagging, bookmarking and real, fully searchable text. Simple navigation gets readers to relevant stories quickly and publishers can build long-lasting relationships with their readers by leveraging the power of social media, helping to attract and retain new readers and increase subscription rates.

Flexible Pricing
The App Studio pricing model is flexible to accommodate large or small numbers of subscribers and a high volume of publications, helping your bottom line.

More Bang for Your Buck
Delight existing advertisers and attract new ones by creating interactive advertisements using QuarkXPress or InDesign. When paired with user analytics, advertisers not only add value to their ads but also bring their brands to life ultimately increasing revenue for your newspaper.

Equips You For Success
A “light-touch” installation means you are up and running quickly, because we know time is of the essence and news needs to be delivered daily, without any holdups.

App Studio has helped Metro, The Guardian and News International.

To speak with one of our experts, please contact us or get started now with a free trial.