Marketing Mobile Publishing

Marketing teams focusing on customer loyalty need a solution that provides the technology and the training to get their loyalty content into a branded app. Highly-designed and interactive, bring your content to life on mobile devices.

Loyalty Publication Mobile Solution from App Studio specifically designed for marketing departments. The solution provides you the ability to create a branded app and publish your existing loyalty program content to the app stores of your choice, with the resources and skills you already have – either with your in-house or with your agency.

Easily transform Customer Magazines into a Digital Magazine App, Individual White Papers into an Interactive Thought Leadership App, or Customer Loyalty Program Guides into a Customer Loyalty App with multiple issues. With this App Studio solution that includes digital training for your design team, creating omni-channel loyalty program marketing is now within reach.

Customer Loyalty Meets Mobile Publishing

The Loyalty Publication Mobile Solution for marketing departments includes all you need to implement your app publishing project. In as little as two weeks, your app can be live in the app stores of your choice.

What's Included:

Multi-platform App — Branded, interactive customer loyalty app for iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, Android Tablet, and Android Smartphones

Unlimited Issues — Create an unlimited number of issues for your app

100k Downloads — 100,000 consumer downloads of your issues per year

25 Unique User App Studio Accounts — Access for your team of content creators, designers and reviewers to publish content to your app

HTML5 Standards — Searchable and selectable text for fast file download

Gold Support — Includes one business hour response for critical issues and 24x5 support

Content Audit Service — Guidance with the production of interactive content to ensure a smooth workflow

Quick Start Training — Education to get design teams up and running fast, using the tool of their choice

Additional Publishing Analysis — Workflow audit to identify efficiencies and their publishing processes

Submission Support — Assistance to enable easier app store submission

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Proven Capability

App Studio is used by publishers, corporates, non-profits and education establishments worldwide including such notable names as The BBC, New England Journal of Medicine, Time Inc., Vanderbilt University, Amnesty International, Daimler and many more. Our tablet publications have been downloaded by over nine million people worldwide, with many of our apps gaining five-star ratings, rave reviews, industry awards and number one spots in the app charts.

Analysis and Reporting

App Studio integrates with a variety of analytics solutions, including Google Analytics, so you can get information on page visits, time spent, search topics, user navigation, and content shares to maximize your app‘s potential.
Track that feedback and store it in your CRM to ensure you deliver relevant information to your customers every time.

Create and Implement Quickly

Digital editions are quick to create using QuarkXPress or InDesign. To create a digital tablet edition typically only takes about 25-30% of the time it takes to produce a print edition. In-house and agency design teams can easily collaborate on projects utilizing the App Studio Publishing Portal. Review and approve the content directly in the portal or on your device of choice using the App Studio Issue Previewer app.

Share and Socialize Your Content

Socialize your content via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Geolocation provides a map to give customers location information.
Share content via blog posts, web sites, email, and more!

Use Existing Workflows and Software

App Studio works with software you already know — QuarkXPress and InDesign — transforming content into HTML5, the next-generation Web language, with pixel-perfect, rich interactivity. Using real text that‘s selectable, searchable, and supports accessibility across multiple platforms, your content displays perfectly across a broad range of devices, all packaged within an app.