Journal Tablet Publishing

Journal publications tend to contain fact-based, text-heavy documents created by knowledge experts. These often include research, statistics, trials and results.

App Studio is the leading solution for journal apps and is used by journal publishers around the world including the New England Journal of Medicine, British Medical Journal, and Health Affairs.

BJUI Demonstration

Automated Content Repurposing
The software is quick and easy to use, with automated content repurposing from content management systems using industry XML standards such as NLMXML and Atom+MRSS. You do not have to learn a new workflow or employ additional resources to recreate content.

Breathes Life Into Text-Heavy Content
App Studio offers a number of ways to digitally enrich and add value to your content. Real text is searchable and easy to navigate and interactive charts and graphs simplify reading statistics. Users can mine data via citation, cross-referencing, bookmarking, tracking, sharing and zooming.

Saves Time and Space
App Studio file sizes are smaller than many competitive solutions so the apps take up less space on the device and download times are reduced.

Justify Institutional Subscriptions
The quantifiable nature of tablet usage, in conjunction with the added value of interactive features, makes the case for retaining subscribers to your journal.

Proven Results
Your apps are easy to deploy via the Apple App Store, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore for Android, allowing audiences in countries where you have not previously published to access your material, thereby increasing circulation figures. Some of our clients have delivered 20x the usage for their App Studio tablet publication compared to a PDF equivalent version. User analytics are easily monitored, so the success of each publication can be measured.

Web Apps
App Studio also offers the option to create Web apps, giving subscribers an engaging digital, interactive experience including audio and video directly from their iPad Web browser . An iTunes account is not required and offline reading is supported too.

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