Catalog Tablet Publishing

Tablet catalogs can showcase products, making them visually desirable so consumers act immediately to purchase. App Studio offers a number of benefits that make it the perfect fit for any catalog.

IMPRESSIONEN Demonstration

Automated Content Repurposing
The solution is quick and easy to use, with automated content repurposing from content management systems, using industry XML standards such as NLMXML and Atom+MRSS. You do not have to learn a new workflow or employ additional resources to recreate content, making App Studio ideal for producing large product catalogs.

Quick Product Searching
Users can select products via categories for easy navigation. Built-in search gets consumers to their chosen items even faster.

I Want To Buy It Now!
By using App Studio, products can be displayed in a number of ways, from zooming and pinching to rotating 360 degrees. Customers get a closer, more in-depth look at each product. They can read reviews as well as share and tag items to help them with their purchasing decisions. By leveraging the power of social media, consumers can become product advocates.

Integrates With Your Ecommerce System
Our simple integration and proven API with most major ecommerce systems means you can offer a positive, easy purchasing experience.

Expand Your Market
Digital commerce anytime, anywhere! A tablet edition of your catalog allows you to expand your brand, market and sales opportunities.

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