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10 Habits for Successful Digital Publishing

The “10 Habits for Successful Digital Publishing” is a guide for corporate and journal publishers who are creating or rethinking their digital publishing strategies. Written by experts in digital and mobile publishing, readers will get a better understanding of the technologies and best practices for reaching, engaging and understanding consumers of digital content.

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Best Practices for Digital Publishing

The App Studio team share their digital publishing do’s and don’ts to help you design the best publications for your audience.

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The ‘Science’ of Effective Journal Digital Publishing

Mobile apps in particular represent huge potential for journals by providing a shop window into new markets, geographies and built-in billing capabilities. Successful journal publishers will be able to react effectively to leverage these new channels building on a flexible content management and publishing architecture. This whitepaper explores the key attributes of a future-proof publishing architecture and illustrates how the right architecture can allow a largely automated workflow to support new digital channels, including mobile.

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Making the Leap to Open Access Publishing

The revenue model that currently sustains journal publishers will be significantly impacted with the advent of open access policies. This paper explores the impact of this shift and the opportunities for journals to leverage ‘freemium’ models via mobile to make open access an opportunity, not a threat.

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Are Mobile Apps Just a Fad?

Businesses and publications have been wrestling with "mobile publishing" for a relatively short time. However, the modern smartphone/tablet phenomenon — and the pressure created by the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend — have created a sense of urgency that's hard for businesses to ignore. This article discusses the rise of the app and explores the approaches and challenges companies must consider when determining their app strategy.

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