Apps with responsive and interactive content that your readers love to use

The graphics show the multitude of screen sizes that today’s apps can serve and this device fragmentation obviously adds massive complexity to app design. The responsive content delivered by App Studio scales, repositions and reflows whatever the device, and completely eliminates this headache.

By using HTML5, the latest web generation technology, App Studio delivers highly interactive content containing real text that’s selectable, searchable and supports accessibility.
Image from Opensignal.com

Engaged readers interact with real text

Arguably one of App Studio’s most important features is that it produces fully native text within your content. Unlike pdf-style magazines and journals, text is not part of an image with a large file size. Advantages include:

Discovery at its best

App Studio’s powerful full text search allows search of all downloaded issues by term, partial term and multiple terms. And not only is text searchable but all occurrences on the page are highlighted (even in pop ups!), making it easy to see the results.

Facilitate rapid return to the best of your content

You know you have content worth coming back for but time is precious for your users. As well as enhanced bookmarking and innovative note taking, App Studio has another gem up its sleeve to signpost relevant content. Text highlighting is possible on XML-authored content due to the native text within App Studio and means that users have an option to highlight and save text once they have selected it.

Highlighting is honored for every future visit to the page, drawing your users straight back to the content they found most useful.

Keep your editorial and IT teams happy

App Studio works with the software you already know – QuarkXPress and InDesign – transforming content into HTML5, giving responsive content and rich interactivity that plays perfectly across a broad range of devices, all packaged within a branded app.

You can even use XML as your source content for enterprise automation. And by delivering all this as an open-source, cloud- based solution, you’ll be getting the thumbs up from your editorial and IT teams alike.

For information on further authoring tool-specific features available using App Studio click here.