Turn readers into revenue

You have the content that readers want to read, return to and share and App Studio provides the tools to make this a reality.

Social sharing - currently through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, even your readers’ own captured notes via email - expands the reach of your publications.

Push notifications keep you front of mind along with other communication campaigns that can deep link back to your content through our custom URL scheme.

Promote your latest issues and offer free issues to convert readers into customers. Make use of platform-specific and 3rd party subscriptions and premium content as well as options for advertising and sponsorship.

Once you have your customers attention, offline reading, auto download and issue update options all make sure they are aware of, receive and can read your latest content anytime and any place.

Our analytics packages help you gain insight into your readers behavior, enabling you to further target and tweak appropriate offerings as well as market a more relevant and attractive package to advertisers.

An app that is as unique as your content

From your app’s home icon and splash screen through to its store page and navigation, everything in your app can be customized by you and touched by your brand.

App Studio offers theming, numerous store page options including promotional banners, even the option to license our Software Development Kit (SDK) to take your app’s design to another level.

For the ultimate brand experience there’s also the option for enterprise apps (think tablets pre-loaded with your glossy brochureware) and multi pub app – all your titles/brands in one place, akin to your very own Newsstand.

Driven by you

The teams behind App Studio constantly strive to produce features that align with your business objectives, from purely brand promotion to the ongoing quest for reader acquisition, retention and further revenue streams.