Why you should be using App Studio

App Studio is the cloud-based solution turning serious publications into brilliant digital editions.

Exceed your business objectives with intuitive, customizable features designed to promote your brand, expand audiences and increase revenue.

Using the software you already know and effortlessly translating existing feeds, App Studio allows you create and distribute apps with responsive and interactive content that your readers love to use.

Proven Capability

App Studio is used by publishers, corporates, non-profits and education establishments worldwide including such notable names as Incisive Media, The British Medical Journal, Metro, Demand 5, New England Journal of Medicine, Time Inc., and many more. Our tablet publications have been downloaded by over nine million people worldwide, with many of our apps gaining five-star ratings, rave reviews, industry awards and number one spots in the app charts.


Customizations unique to each publication can be created so you can differentiate yourself from your competitors and retain your brand identity. Print content is brought to life with App Studio, delivering a rich, inspiring experience for all readers and adding value to your brand.

Use Existing Workflows and Software

App Studio works with software you already know – QuarkXPress and InDesign – transforming content into HTML5, the next-generation Web language, with pixel-perfect, rich interactivity that plays perfectly across a broad range of devices, all packaged within an app.

You can even use XML as your source content for enterprise automation.

More Interactive Features

Readers get a truly immersive experience with App Studio apps. Features include slideshows, video, audio, animation, 360º photography, hot buttons, cross-linking, swiping, scrubbing, pinching, tilting and more. Enriched and enhanced content is easier to explore and engage with so users will spend more quality time with your publication and brand.

Drive engagement

App Studio allows you to both market to existing customers and reach new ones. Features such as push notifications, issue updates and sharing via social media and email all help to drive reader retention and acquisition.

Latest Technology

Using HTML5, the latest web generation technology means:

  • Real text that’s selectable, searchable and supports accessibility
  • Content that’s highly interactive
  • Platform independence
  • An open standard, so no lock-in

Analysis and Reporting

As a tablet and smartphone publisher, you can now gain even more insight into the activity of your readers with App Studio Google Analytics reporting. Get information on page visits, time spent, search topics, user navigation, content shares and more so you can adapt your content to maximize your publication’s potential.

Quick and Cost Effective

App Studio has been developed for rapid implementation and easy app deployment. Content can be managed simply through the App Studio cloud environment and deployed without having to recreate material for every device. And with short design and production times, there is no need to employ additional internal resources. Creating a digital tablet edition typically takes around 25% of the time it takes to produce a print edition

Smaller File Sizes

Our software has been designed with digital publications in mind, therefore the file sizes are up to five times smaller than a PDF-style approach.

This means fast downloads for your customers so they spend more time engaging with your publication.

Greater Reach

App Studio supports multiple devices, including iPhone and iPad, Android and Kindle Fire and allows you to distribute to leading app stores, meaning your publication reaches a wider audience without the need to reconfigure content.

Training and Support

Entering the app market can be daunting. We have training, support and implementation teams in-house to help you build your digital publication and show your designers how to add interactivity. We are on hand to get your branded tablet app ready and live quickly and efficiently.