App Studio for the Enterprise

Collaborate, Automate and Extend Digital Publishing to the Enterprise

Did you know that 94% of Fortune 500 companies are testing or deploying iPads — and that’s just iPads. These organizations are doing incredible things with tablets whether it be equipping sales staff in retail environments, field engineers with the latest technical manuals or sales teams with instant access to sales tools wherever they are. Companies are also integrating tablets and smartphones into customer communications to drive deeper customer engagement and brand loyalty.

For large organizations, App Studio integrates fully with Quark Enterprise Solutions to automate the delivery of digital publications, whether to public app stores such as the Apple App Store or internally to secure enterprise networks. You can integrate with business systems and incorporate app publishing into your overall enterprise publishing strategy.

Extend App Studio with Quark Enterprise Solutions

You can combine QuarkXPress and InDesign with Quark Publishing Platform to integrate digital publishing into your cross-media publishing strategy and customer communication plans.

Capability QuarkXPress and InDesign only + Quark Publishing Platform
Design interactive app content
Create branded apps
Test your issue files and apps
Manage and publish issues to your app with the App Studio Publishing Portal
Trigger Output
  • Manually from any client including the Web Client
  • On specific workflow status
  • On pre-defined schedule
Store and manage all of your publishing assets – including rich media content – in a single repository  
Manage multi-layout projects with visual tracking  
Add video editors and multi-media specialists to your existing workflows or setup separate workflows for digital publications  
Set up specific workflows for your digital publishing assets, such as videos, slideshows, podcasts, and other interactive or multi-media assets  
Easily update all instances of digital assets when changes are made  
Let multiple people collaborate on the same issue files, including writers, editors, photographers, video editors, and other multi-media specialists  
Use status-based tracking of issue files to keep your design and production process on schedule  
Automatically ingest XML and database content – such as CRM data - into issue files  
Track, review, approve and even edit issue files over the Web  
Publish content directly to:
  • Web server
  • File server

Apple’s Enterprise Programs

Volume Purchase Program
As well as supporting free content, in-app purchases and subscriptions, did you know the Apple App Store also has a Volume Purchase Program that enables businesses and education institutions to purchase your apps in volume? Learn more.

In-house Apps
If you have in-house apps that are not for public consumption, Apple gives you the option to distribute your apps to employees and other members of your organization. In-house apps can be securely hosted and wirelessly distributed to employees, ensuring everyone is always up-to-date. In order to publish in-house apps you will need to join the Apple iOS Developer Enterprise Program.

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Custom Apps

We are also experts in producing custom tablet and mobile apps for iPhone, Android and smartphones. With specialist designers and engineers in-house, we understand how to create truly interactive digital experiences.

We can help plan your strategy, implement and deliver your digital publishing vision, maximizing your ROI and creating a lasting relationship with your customers. Our truly interactive, engaging features will also attract new customers, so you can reach a global audience.